Local SEO has become a lot more important than it was in the past. When we would look at search engine optimization tactics a few years ago, it was all about ensuring that companies were targeting general keywords and related phrases. But now we are at a stage where keywords mixed in with the names of cities and towns are a lot more relevant, especially for businesses that are selling products or services from physical locations. And the change is largely due to how Google and other search engines have tweaked their algorithms.

These search engines have ensured that people will have a much easier time finding local businesses for various purposes. Let us say someone is out in the city, and they want to find a Chinese restaurant where they can have dinner. Instead of having to search for all Chinese restaurants in the hope of finding something local, they can simply enter “Chinese restaurant in [neighborhood]” and they will see a ton of local results. If they have enabled location on their phone, they may even see the location spots for these companies in relation to where they are currently located.

It is not just about general keywords or certain phrases, but about solid content with sentences that include the name of a city, town or neighborhood. SEO strategies must adapt to these changes, or companies are going to get left behind. While you are sticking to your old SEO methods, your competition is adapting to the adjustment in local searches, and they are profiting. Local SEO is one of the best ways to target people in the area.

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